At Vericon Managed Services, we take immense pride in partnering with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking businesses in the industry. By collaborating with these exceptional partners, we are able to combine our collective expertise and technologies to deliver an outstanding managed services that cater to the diverse and ever-evolving needs of our clients.

Monthly Managed Services

Vericon Managed Services, in partnership with Fusion21 and Huws Gray, is proud to present the advantages of utilising our managed services through our innovative pay-monthly plans. By adopting this approach, your business can effectively eliminate the necessity for any initial capital investment, leading to a substantial reduction in upfront expenses.

In our continued pursuit to streamline and elevate both sales and marketing endeavors, we have meticulously developed a selection of three unique monthly managed services packages tailored to suit your individual business needs. We are confident that there is an ideal solution specifically crafted to address and fulfill your particular requirements.

Our managed services are designed to provide your business with the highest level of support and expertise, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

City Plumbing

Our partnership with City Plumbing allows us to make our products available over the counter, nationwide. City Plumbing’s vast network of locations enables us to reach a wide range of customers who can now easily access our products.


We partner with water quality specialists, ADEY. ADEY’s features now grace the Vericon dashboard, enabling customers to easily access and view essential data from the state-of-the-art MagnaClean Micro3 Sense Magnetic Filter. This partnership serves as a testament to our shared commitment to providing the best solutions.

Worcester Bosch

We take immense pride in being officially associated and partnered with Worcester Bosch. They recognise the many challenges in the social housing sector with a growing need to remotely monitor housing stock and the customers’ welfare.

Managed Services for any size team

Significant Cost Saving

We remove the need to spend capital on new staff and training. Our Managed Services team act as integral members of your team, providing valuable insights and monitoring your data for potential. This collaborative approach ensures your properties are running smoothly and efficiently.

Auditable Processes and Reporting

Have confidence that your processes are being followed and are fully auditable. You will receive reports on a regular basis that show you how your service is performing.

AI Driven Resident Engagement

Better understand your residents' needs through direct communication and education leading to increased resident satisfaction, better retention rates, and ultimately, a more successful property management business.

24/7 Data Monitoring

The Managed Services team, along with our machine learning analysis programs, diligently monitor your portfolio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These efforts are implemented for the purpose of identifying issues that may arise and addressing them in a timely and efficient manner. Our prompt actions range from issuing simple alerts to managing various business processes in order to alleviate any problems that may be encountered.

Resident App

The Resident App offers a multitude of features, including the ability to facilitate direct communication with residents living within the property. It provides valuable information such as air quality data, temperature and humidity graphs, which helps residents better comprehend the implications of their actions on their living environment. 

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BCM offers landlords a comprehensive solution to address, anticipate, and resolve numerous housing stock concerns remotely


MultiDOT is a simple-to-install device designed to accurately measure temperature and humidity levels


AutoFill reduces pressure-related issues in your central heating system by automatically repressurising the system

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Resident Engagement
Promoting resident engagement is critical for successful community management.

Property Disrepair
The consequences of property disrepair can be detrimental to the health and safety of occupants.

Resident Welfare
Creating a sustainable and suitable living environment for residents is essential.

Social Value
Social value aims to create a better future for all members of society.

Boiler Maintenance
Keeping the boiler well-maintained can prolong its lifespan and reduce energy costs.

Additional Value

A range of standard reports required for both business and Government reporting

Community Learning
Our AI algorithms interrogates all anonymised data across the system to constantly improve its abilities.

Resident App
Our engagement and home overview app for residents.

Our rating and feedback platform allowing clients to understand how residents perceive their service.


Monthly Managed Services

Vericon Managed Services, in partnership with Fusion21 and Huws Gray, is proud to present the advantages of utilising our Managed Services through our innovative pay-monthly plans.

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