Working with Shal Housing in partnership with CP and ADEY

Jul 7, 2023 | Partnerships

Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Comfort in Social Housing through Partnership

In a groundbreaking initiative, Somerset-based social housing provider SHAL Housing is demonstrating that technology is the key to enhancing energy efficiency and tenant comfort across their property portfolio.

Collaborating with City Plumbing, Vericon Systems, and ADEY has enabled this pioneering smart home project to flourish, providing a blueprint for how other socially responsible housing providers should invest in technological advancements.

Significant improvements have already been noted in 83% of the properties assessed, thanks to advanced equipment like Vericon Systems’ telematics hardware and ADEY’s app-based onsite water testing and remote monitoring MagnaClean magnetic filters. The integration of this cutting-edge technology allows SHAL Housing to take a proactive approach to property maintenance, swiftly identifying faults and inefficiencies before tenants report them or even notice their existence. This innovative method guarantees minimum disruption for occupants while ensuring that heating systems remain efficient—effectively extending their service life and reducing potential expenses linked to undetected issues.

It’s worth noting that busy tenants may often overlook changes in boiler efficiency or heating system malfunctions. By using Vericon Systems’ technology, social housing providers can offer them peace of mind with precise evaluations of system health as well as real-time data, enabling the formulation of an effective maintenance strategy.

SHAL Housing now also has the ability to monitor temperature and humidity in individual homes—an essential capability when it comes to detecting potential dampness or mold concerns early on. This empowers housing providers to resolve any issues before they become hazardous by collaborating with tenants on remedial actions.

The success of the partnership between SHAL Housing, City Plumbing, ADEY, and Vericon Systems has significant implications for other social housing providers. Key players in the industry should take note of the benefits provided by investing in smart technology as an effective way of meeting high standards for all tenants while simultaneously reducing overall costs.

As Angela Gascoigne, CEO at SHAL Housing, stated: “we are dedicated to using technology as a crucial tool in achieving our commitment across our Somerset homes.”

The sector should seriously consider following SHAL Housing’s example to ensure the provision of safe and comfortable homes for tenants while capitalising on the long-term financial rewards offered by optimised boiler performance.

This fantastic project was documented and and series of three short videos have been created.


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